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June 9 th, 2024 (10 Sunday Ordinary B)

Dear brothers and sisters,

Christ calls on us today to be his disciples. To be able to listen to the voice of God and to do his will without being deceived by the evil one. The devil always fights with us to pull us away from the will of God and to lead us into sin and like the Gospel shows us, to oppose the works of Holy Spirit. The devil is in fact the one that tricks us and misleads us just as he did with Adam and Eve. The devil is at enmity with us and with God and always tries to confuse the signs, to divide us and accuse us. What is “good” he calls “evil” and what is “evil” he calls “good.” The Devil hates the work of God and of the Holy Spirt in us and tries in many ways to reject it. Christ calls us today to be united to him and to unmask the lies of the devil with all the lures and false pleasures of this world. The Christian like Christ is called to be rooted in the word of God and in the will of God and like Christ crush with the heal the head of the serpent. The devil and his lies cannot touch us if we listen to God and are united to him. To be united to the word of God and to despise the world and of the love of money give us in fact a powerful weapon which is discernment. Through true discernment we can see what the will of God is for us and which are the snares of the evil one to avoid. As Christians and disciples of Christ we are called to recognize the work of the Holy Spirit and the will of God so to reject Satan and tread upon him. Not as Adam and Eve that fell and were tricked but like Christ “the New Adam” and the Church “the New Eve” to be victorious over sin, the world and the devil.

Peace, Fr.Nicholas